For the love of Food!

Although I have been romancing yummy foods since the time I was a kid, it’s only of late that I started reviewing restaurants on Zomato. And with this came a responsibility to offer authentic restaurant reviews to people out there and an unending adventure of exploring new cuisines. I am now even more passionate about capturing food shots at their scrumptious best. And well well, how can I can forget that doing something that you love can be the best feeling in the world and that’s how food photography and restaurant reviewing do wonders for me. Cheers to them!

However, who says life, being a food critic or a restaurant reviewer, is easy? I know many people who believe that ‘all that a food critic has to do is eat, write and sleep. What’s the big deal?’ Hey, hello…do you even know the amount of hardwork, food critics, have to put in. I am no paid food critic but still I can very much relate with the life of those who are professionals in this field.

To begin with, let me jot down the troubles that, at least, I have been facing:

  • Weight Issues: I tend to put on weight very easily. Even a single finger chips has the power to make me look chubby the next day. Somehow, this double chin never fades away and I have to work extra hard to shed kilos every now and then.

  • Language Issues: My vocabulary now includes more words that describe food. Just recently, my sister showed me a dress online and I was like “wow, the dress looks delicious!” Similar patterns follow like for eg: “The wedding was finger licking good” or “You look spicy with that Set-Wet-Gel on your hair”!!

  • Rating Issues: I am a foodie. So far, it has been a rare thing that I do not like what I binge on at restaurants. Having said that, writing reviews becomes a tough job and rating restaurants even tougher. Not that I am biased but still giving a 1 or 2 rating out of 5 is something that I dislike but still I have to do that for making my reviews authentic. *Sob*Sob*

  • Live and Let Live Issues: I have been a firm believer of the fact that foodies are usually good-hearted and happy people 😀 However, some reviewers are in a constant battle to prove that their reviews are more genuine. My message to them is that we all visit restaurants on different days. We all have different experiences and most importantly we all have diverse likes and dislikes. So, there’s no point in arguing. You do your work and let me do mine. I wish it was easy to pass this message to everybody that this is not a game or a competition where you get to win or lose. It’s FOOD that we are talking about. Food dammit! Do u get it?

  • Experience Issues: It’s not only good restaurants that we get to visit always. We also end up having experiences at the pathetic ones. I can still recall this particular restaurant where I was having food and there was a man sweeping right next to me. Can you believe this???

Thus, all I can say is that we all have to pay price for things we love to do. I have nothing to complain because I love everything foodie! Just that not everybody will understand this and instead of motivating, they will actually discourage you to the core. So a simple advice to food lovers: Do what you love and forget the rest. Follow your fervor and you will be happy forever.

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Happy Eating! 🙂