Some things are part of life!

5….                             4….                             3….                             2….                             1….                          CRASH!

I found my forehead bleeding covering half of my face in blood. I felt a sharp pain at the back of my head and tried to acknowledge what had just happened. At that moment I realized, this thing called life is so very UNPREDICTABLE!

15th Feb 2015

Dressed up in my new neon anarkali and still looking pretty, I was returning home from a close relative’s wedding. My father was driving the car accompanied by my sister in the co-driver’s place, and I was sitting right behind the driver’s seat along with my two aunts. We had another wedding to attend the same night, and all through our way we were discussing what to wear, the bride and the groom, the food, this and that, experiencing all the excitement of this whole wedding season.

My father had always planned to settle down in countryside after retirement – an area that would be peaceful and close to nature. And here we were just about 400 metres away from home, driving through countryside slopes, narrow road and a few blind turns when one of my aunts dropped her cellphone under my sister’s seat by mistake. It drew my attention for a split second and when I looked up, I saw a speeding car coming towards ours and in the blink of an eye, I heard my aunts scream and we had an accident. I had no time to react!

At first, I thought maybe my head just hit the window of our car given the pain I had suffered but when I touched my forehead, I realized that something was wrong. It felt pulpy and covered my hands in red. I hate blood and I could not believe that all this was happening to me. I did not cry, I did not feel nauseous, I did not scream. I just felt plain weird and numb. My body shivered a little with each passing second and I kept quiet holding my forehead not knowing what to do or what to expect.

The next moment, everybody in my car got out to confront the driver of the other car. The crowd surrounding the culprit started increasing, with some people very furious. He was alone and could not run because neither of the cars could start after that. Since the accident took place in our area, there were many people I knew as well as many strangers around. Even then, at one particular moment, all the attention was diverted on calling the police, getting a hold of the culprit, jotting down the car number which indeed was a correct thing but at the cost of leaving the victim alone?

During those minutes of waiting period which felt like ages to me, so many thoughts propped up in my mind simultaneously. I thought of my mother who must be worrying at home. I thought of the amount of blood that must have been wasted. I wished that somebody would just take me to a hospital. I hoped that my brain had survived this incident without any damage. And I was thinking of many random things when my thought process was hindered by two unfamiliar ladies who stood by our car. They saw me, talked among themselves: “Poor she! She has even suffered an injury to her eye”, and then went away. In an instant, I started batting my eyes to check if my eyes were really injured…Thankfully, they weren’t!

The saddest part is that whenever there is an accident, people just don’t bother to help. I consider myself lucky that day! Touchwood! Even though many just witnessed the whole incident as entertainment, a few concerned ones finally came to take care of me. Another relative brought a car within 15-20 minutes and I was rushed to the hospital. I had suffered a 4 cm long and a 1 cm deep cut on my forehead and had to undergo a surgery right away. My sister had cracked the windshield with her head but fortunately I was the only one who was wounded to this degree among the five of us.

My father was a little hurt and a little stunned, but kudos to him that he stopped the car when he realized that there was no way to avoid the accident. It was a narrow road with little space for two cars to cross freely at the same time and there was a blind turn as well. Had my father not used his presence of mind and brought our car to a halt on time, our car would have surely rolled down the 10-12 ft deep ditch at the side of the road. This driver, who was a 21year old kid, must be driving at more than 80kmph for sure. He did try to apply brakes, but at a speed that high, it was impossible for him to avoid the crash from happening. Luckily, he was not hurt either.

I am young and will recover easily, even though it is obviously an unwanted thing for a woman to have any sort of scar on her face. Also, Dr Tarun Jain from Synergy Hospital, Dehradun, turned out to be a calm and friendly doctor who worked with finesse on my wound that evening. I felt at peace when I was told by my sister that the stitches had been done perfectly by him.

Today, through a journey of headaches to swollen face to bitter medicines to body pain, my stitches have finally been removed and my wound is all closed. The treatment to minimize the scar is still in progress, with little numbness and pain when I touch my forehead. Still, I have made peace with whatever happened. My plans to relocate and work have taken a back seat. To tell you the truth, for the first few days following the accident, I suddenly became hyper active. Maybe there was some sort of an adrenaline rush. Also, I am now aware of life and my purposes more than ever.

Life is surely unpredictable. I was dancing like crazy at our relative’s sangeet ceremony a night before and see what happened the next day. However, I am not the one to leave being happy. Nothing can ever stop me from flashing my million dollar smile. All I can say is that if you want to do something, JUST DO IT! Laugh, find the positive in whatever life throws at you and be happy. 🙂

PS- Please drive safely and be alert because many a times you suffer due to others’ negligence and there are times when others may suffer due to your negligence. And if you witness an accident, do act on the spot and save the victims. Sometimes your timely action can save a person’s life. Don’t forget this!

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