If you ever thought what kind of a life partner you will spend your life with, astrology has the key that reveals the nature of your would-be spouse. Yes, it is truly amazing how astrology can provide insights into the future. While it may or may not be 100% accurate, it does have truth attached to it and that is why astrology has now been considered more of a science.

So, by knowing which zodiac sign falls in your 7th house, you can get acquainted with the traits that your life partner is likely to possess. For all those who are confused as to what I am talking about, you can go through the first part of this post here  http://wp.me/p4QBo0-3B . Happy reading! 🙂


[ARIES IN 7TH HOUSE] — Aries is ruled by Mars and when it is in 7th house, it brings a life partner who possesses the characteristics of Mars. That being said, your spouse would probably be competitive and dominating. They may be short-tempered and aggressive in the way they approach life. The best way to maintain harmony in such a relationship would be to channelize the hyper-activeness of your partner towards outdoor physical activities like going on a hike together and let them take the lead in home affairs. In addition, keep your calm during difficult times because your partner may simply not know how to be at peace.

[TAURUS IN 7TH HOUSE] — Taurus is ruled by Venus which is the planet of love itself. There are chances that your spouse would be creatively inclined and posses refined tastes. They will be sweet home birds who will be happy to make the relationship work. With a placement like this, your spouse enjoys a luxurious life and will constantly aim towards earning material benefits for a great future together. They may however be stubborn at times and a bit possessive too. The best way to add spark in such a relationship is by sharing responsibilities and making them feel loved as much as possible.

[GEMINI IN 7TH HOUSE] — Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and analytical mind. If you have Gemini as your descendant, chances are that you will have an intellectual partner who will always seek to gain knowledge. Such a spouse may find it difficult to take decisions because their minds are wavering with new thoughts frequently. Nonetheless, they will be very very expressive as they love to talk. The good thing is that they will be great at managing expenditures because they are born with an inclination towards accounts and maths.

[CANCER IN 7TH HOUSE] — Cancer, which is ruled by Moon, in your 7th house means you will have a spouse who will be emotional and caring. They will be patient and loving and equally ambitious and hardworking. However, for them, their home will always be the first priority in life followed by financial security in the second place. They are fond of travelling and would love to accompany you to places. The only thing that you need to be cautious of is that your spouse will easily be hurt but will be quick to forgive and forget, too. Just make them feel that they have an important role in your life.

[LEO IN 7TH HOUSE] — With Leo placed in your 7th house, it is likely that your spouse will be well-known in the society. This is because the Sun that rules this zodiac will make your spouse of royal nature. They will be faithful, generous and may be eccentric at times. However, with this placement, there is no denying that your partner will know how to enjoy life to the fullest. They will bring with them a sunny atmosphere when they are at their best.

[VIRGO IN 7TH HOUSE] — Virgo is ruled by Mercury and hence your significant other will be the one with good intellect and physical appearance. Not to forget that behind their good physique will be their hardwork including exercising and healthy diets that they will be ready to inculcate in your lifestyle too. In addition, they will be happy to help you in all spheres of life and will be elated to be of service to you or to anybody close to them. Just remember not to criticize them for they may not take it lightly as they are already critical of their own self.

[LIBRA IN 7TH HOUSE] — Venus being the lord of your 7th house, you will have a partner who will be diplomatic and someone who will be well aware of the sense of balance. They will be artistic in some or the other way and will have a taste for refined things in life. While Venus does give your partner with a preference for luxurious and a comfortable lifestyle, they are equally active in their careers and courageous when the situation demands.

[SCORPIO IN 7TH HOUSE] — Scorpio is a zodiac ruled by Mars and henceforth, your spouse will be full of strength and valour. On the other hand, they will make passionate better halves who will be a bit possessive and emotional. They will be extremely loyal and while they may be moody sometimes for no apparent reason, never doubt their loyalty. However, such a spouse will also be quarrelsome if they are hurt by you intentionally or unintentionally.

[SAGITTARIUS IN 7TH HOUSE] — For people having Sagittarius as their descendants, they will have a life partner who will be religious and educated. Their philosophies and their way of life may be quite different from yours and in fact, your partner would be high on spirituality too. They will help you broaden your horizon through mutual learning and mutual growth. If Jupiter is free from afflictions in their birth chart, then they will prove to be very lucky for you.

[CAPRICORN IN 7TH HOUSE] — While Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, this is also the placement where Mars gets exalted. So, there is no doubt that your partner will be ambitious, particular about how they appear and somewhat practical. Nonetheless, home will always be their centre of attention. They will be affectionate and fond of comforts and will also make sure that their family stays strong through storms. However, because of the exalted Mars, they will possess fiery nature too that will come to the surface when they see danger coming to their dignity.

[AQUARIUS IN 7TH HOUSE] — Your spouse would be an unusual one. They will be very cool in temperament, unpredictable and original. For them, freedom would be equally important just as it may be for you and thus a non-traditional relationship is more likely to happen. The marriage may see ups and downs if you do not understand and respect each other’s individualities. However, once these aspects are understood, your partner will not only be an ideal spouse for you but even a great helping hand in business.

[PISCES IN 7TH HOUSE] — Pisces as your descendant means that your significant other will be quite emotional and sensitive. As a result, their intuition and psychic level may be very well established. Since Jupiter is the lord of this zodiac, your partner will be religious and spiritual. It is likely that they may not be fair in complexion but they will be good looking and outgoing. The best thing with this placement is that yours will be a relationship that is not only physically compatible but is also on par in terms of spirituality.

In addition, take a note of this that if your 7th house is occupied by one or more planets, then they should also be considered in determining the traits of your future spouse. Nonetheless, the above basic characteristics will be more or so present.