Everyone has a soulmate and so do you!

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Few days ago, a friend of mine asked me: “What do we do when someone who loved us once, falls out of love?” That’s a tough question to answer, but anyways, I replied to her “nothing”, because that’s what I would do. Sometimes love isn’t enough and it is not your fault. You can’t run after a person who makes you run after them all the time because I believe no one ignores you if they really loved you. I mean, if someone has truly loved you on a soul level, I find no reason why he/she will stop loving you now or in future. On some days, you may fight or nag or piss each other off completely, but you both are NEVER going to fall out of love. You have to have faith in this fact and it will be easy for you if you are with the right person. Here the stress is on ‘right’ instead of ‘perfect’ because no relationship is perfect and so is no person. This is the magnificence of a soulmate relationship; it is not perfect, but there is an underlying faith that your love for each other is eternal no matter what.

[Note: We can have soulmate relationship with a sibling, parents, pets, a friend and anybody but in this post, by soulmate, I am referring to a romantic relationship that we share with a partner.]

Another impediment that people around me often whine about is that they never came across an ideal person (probably a soulmate), with whom they could visualize a future together. Also, for many, broken relationships and heartbreaks lead them to retreat and they completely shut themselves off, thus grieving over the past and not allowing anybody else to enter their lives.

But this is not what love actually is! Love will never demand you to suffer, and if you are suffering in a relationship, it’s high time to check what’s wrong. Sadly enough, literature has left a deep impression on our minds that true love suffers till the end, but that is not we are born for! We are born to love others and to receive an equally satisfying affection from others. You cannot settle with anyone who loves you any less because someone is meant to love you and your flaws flawlessly. Most importantly, you should always believe that you will experience this kind of love and that a loving partner will be by your side someday soon (even if your current circumstances make you think just the opposite of it).

So how are you going to identify the right one? Well, all I can say is to keep your eyes open. Your soulmate is out there, perhaps looking for you! Maybe they are single or have had a bad relationship and are in search of their ideal mate just like you. But you can’t leave everything to God or destiny. You have to do your part too which you will get to know in my next post. Till then, don’t lose hope. Your soulmate exists and it’s true!

Hey…wait…before you go…

Let me tell you the most exciting part of you realizing your true love: And that is, God leaves certain affirmations in your life. Affirmations? Yes, there are signs and there are coincidences that tell us that you are on the right path of finding your soulmate. Simultaneously, your free-will too would affect your path. So, be open to trust that little intuition within. Whether or not a person is meant to be, your heart will know for sure. On this note, here I am sharing a story from one of my favorite books titled, “When God Winks On Love” by Squire Rushnell.

The story dates back to 1943 when countries like Poland were ruled by Nazis which made life of Jewish citizens no less than hell. This story is about a woman, Jennette, whose beloved husband was taken to a ghastly concentration camp that anybody rarely survived. Even she was made prisoner twice but as luck would have it, she managed to escape both the times. During the period of separation, her life went through little highs and many lows. While she gave birth to a baby boy and became a nurse, she also received a mail with ashes and personal belongings of her husband. She was taken aback and was devastated, but still, no matter how much her friends would tell her, she did not believe that her husband was dead. In the meanwhile, another man entered Jenette’s life. He was a nice gentleman and wanted to marry her but to his dismay, she would turn down his proposal every time, still believing that her husband was alive. After a few years, with continuous persuasion from friends, Jenette decided to marry the new man and the wedding date was fixed. However, a month before the wedding, she came across something that was hard to believe. She found out a list of people who had been freed from a concentration camp, and under that list, she finally found the name of her husband.

Now you all can guess what she must have done. Yes, she called off her marriage with her fiancé and reunited with her husband. After that, both the husband and wife settled down in America, welcomed two more kids in the family and led a happy married life.

She had faith and that’s all we need. Lovely story, isn’t it?

This book includes many such real miraculous love stories from around the world. It’s a beautiful read and will restore your faith in love. Mind you, your belief in love alone can do wonders to attract the right person in your life, and this is just the first step. Stay tuned for more! 🙂



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