Living life the Forrest Gump way!


With the way our world is becoming complex day by day, it is obvious for a common man like you and me to get sandwiched between our lives and our responsibilities towards people we know and towards mankind in general. So if you are frustrated with life and find it confusing at times, here are some important life lessons to live by that Forrest Gump taught us:

No matter what the circumstance, do what you feel like doing! You never know who you are inspiring.


Running will not only save you from being bullied but it will also keep you fit.


Don’t get bogged down by the negatives other people have to say about you. Know that you are special in your own ways and remember that “Stupid is as stupid does“.


Be there for your best friend at all times. Be a good listener and keep the promises. For that matter, Forrest and Bubba rock! 


Do your job diligently. It’s a goddamn way to success.



Love selflessly without expecting anything in return.


Missing people you love is a part of life. You must welcome all the ups and downs and highs and lows with an open heart because “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”


Help people; be it anyone. Whenever in need, just help them out!


Have faith in God. It may take time but prayers surely get answered.


Last but not the least, believe in miracles because they DO happen!!!


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