On being Single!

11/11 – If you are single then I am sure you must be well aware of this date! Also known as Anti-Valentine’s Day, this day aka “Singles’ Day” marks the mingling and partying of singles particularly in China and is celebrated on 11th November. The day, as such, is not of national importance but it surely is an occasion for singles to celebrate their singledom. Though now the focus is more on the massive sale held every year, nonetheless, the main purpose needs to be cherished too.

So if you are single like me, this is our day. I know, being single is not a piece of cake and we do feel dejected at times, especially when all our friends are either getting married or are in committed relationships. I mean, just look at them.

They post the cutest pics ever that make you go awww…


Whereas all you can do is this: click selfies…Sigh!

theprettypinkdiary selfie

They share their happiness together and you wonder when will a guy share the place next to you!

DSCN5036_Fotor_Collage - Copytheprettypinkdiary self








They have somebody to lean on to through their troubled times while your buddies are busy with their own personal lives.

DSC04360 copy_Fotor_Collagetheprettypinkdiary self2

And you are left wondering, maybe those girls are much prettier than you are or maybe there’s something wrong with you. Maybe you are on the healthier side or maybe because there are so many hot and cute girls all over the world that men just won’t have time to know you. I mean…yeah…many would agree that this thing occupies our minds quite a lot. However, being single is not a punishment and it has benefits of its own kind that can be enjoyed only till the time you are single. Too good to be true? Check it out yourself…

  • Your happiness depends on you. You work for yourself, you pamper yourself and you take care of yourself. There is no insecurity because everything is about YOU!
  • You have total freedom to think and act as per your own wish. That being said, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your decision on anything was correct or incorrect .
  • You gel up with your friends a lot better than when you were in a relationship and make new ones on the go and gradually your friend circle expands.
  • You start spending time with your family as well who were being neglected all the while when you were committed to someone.
  • You don’t have to bear with him the telecast of those lengthy football matches or let him have the remote control to himself all the time.
  • You can stay peaceful because there is nobody to pick up your flaws or nag or fight with you.
  • You don’t have to recharge your phones that much because you don’t have to make a call every day and night.
  • You don’t have anybody to keep a tab on and nobody who keeps a tab on your activities and trust me, that is kind of liberating.
  • You don’t have to do things, to please somebody, that you don’t like.
  • You don’t have to worry if you are looking pretty with your hair tied up, roaming make-up less and sporting comfortable baggy clothes.

And the list goes on and on and on…

In short, I am not saying that being single is the best thing in the world because I personally believe that it’s necessary to have a loving mate for life, someone who’ll always be by your side. However, I am also not into favouring being committed to anybody for the sake of getting that tag of “being in a relationship” just because you are feeling lonely or just to show to the world that you are a part of them or just to make your ex jealous. So being single is not that a bad thing at all! And honestly speaking, it’s better not to rush into relationships because your loneliness is killing you or because you want to forget the one who broke your heart. Such relationships have a tendency to fail when one or both the partners have to force themselves to make the relationship work.

Therefore, the first and foremost thing should be to love yourself and once you are capable of doing that, right and eligible people will always cross your path at the right time. Till then, try to figure out who you truly are, what you want in life and from a relationship and enjoy being single. Also believe that one day you will meet your perfect match and that is what matters the most. After all, love is not about short flings that come and go but about that one person who knows that his/her life is incomplete without you… ❤ ❤


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