Gear up writers! November is the writing month…

Hey! Hey! Hey! 1st November‘s almost here and like every year, all the fiction writers now have only one word in their mouth: “NaNoWriMo”. Even though I am not into writing fiction, I have always found the idea of NaNoWriMo exciting enough to give me an adrenaline rush.


Who should be interested?

  • If you write fiction,
  • If you think of publishing your own novel someday,
  • If you are a victim of writer’s block,
  • If you procrastinate and often shift the deadline to finishing your fiction work,
  • If you are busy with one thing or the other ultimately neglecting the novel idea that had been on your mind for years.

Then NaNoWriMo alias National Novel Writing Month is definitely for you. It’s a yearly challenge for fiction writers all around the world.

What’s the idea behind it?

NaNoWriMo throws a challenge to writers to complete a rough draft of their novel within a span of 30 days of November with a word count of 50,000 words. That goes without saying that the challenge begins on 1st November and ends on 30th November at 11:59 PM.


What’s the benefit?

Well, it’s hard to explain the many benefits of participating in NaNoWriMo but in short, they can be summed up as the follows:

  • You begin your writing activity again and the set word count keeps you going for the whole one month, day after day.
  • You meet like-minded people or writers to be precise, you get to discuss writing and to be a motivation to each other throughout the challenge.
  • You get a hell lot of inspiration. There are pep talks by published authors, there are forums to join that will guide you, help you get over with the writer’s block, push you further and there are many supporting writing sources available.
  • Your daily NaNo task will become a habit and a practised art soon and after a few years you will find yourself much determined and focused towards your writing career.
  • You will get a sense of satisfaction after you finally spit out the novel plot that had been hovering in your mind for the past 5-10 years.
  • Most importantly, your laid-back mind will get activated for a good purpose. If you have a fiction idea, this is the best time to let it out. The earlier, the better.

How to participate?

The challenge begins on 1st November. You just have to visit their website and sign up to participate in it. Do not forget to join forums and be a part of discussions with fellow NaNo writers. This will keep you interested and will make the challenge a fun experience.


What to remember?

  • NaNoWriMo is about writing the rough draft of your fiction. Do not edit or revise. Just write to achieve the target of 50,000 words. That’s it! Editing and revision will follow in January and February, so don’t worry about that.
  • You can think of the story line, the name of characters and everything related to your novel way before the challenge begins. However, begin jotting down your thoughts only on 1st November.
  • If you are unable to accomplish the target, don’t get disheartened. Putting in efforts is what matters the most and taking an initiative to do something about your writing is the first step towards success and satisfaction.
  • Always remember that with each effort that you put, you will grow and learn something new. NaNoWriMo, in that sense, is an investment for self growth and it will trigger your creativity for sure, whether or not you are able to achieve the target.

So, now that you know that the challenge starts in a few days, gear yourselves up. However, if you are wondering why a person like me, who is not into fiction, is going crazy for this whole stuff then let me tell you that November is also the time for NaNonFiWriMo alias National Nonfiction Writing Month.

I am bad at imaginations and I mean it. Writing fiction is not my cup of tea at all. I am more into practical stuff and hence I derive immense pleasure from writing non-fiction. So people like me out there, do not get upset if your friends are participating in NaNoWriMo because here’s NaNonFiWriMo (not known to many): the challenge for non-fiction writers.

The difference?

While for fiction writers there’s a word count of 50,000 words to be achieved by the end of November, there’s no such set target for non-fiction writers. You can write anything, be it an essay, an article, a rough draft of your non-fiction book  or blog posts series etc. unlike in its counterpart.

The similarity?

NaNonFiWriMo begins on 1st November and the challenge is to complete the non-fiction work in 30 days of November. All you have to do is register to participate and then join forums to keep yourself motivated.


Tips for success

  • Set your own word count target and achieve that on a daily basis.
  • It’s not a competition; it’s a challenge for personal achievement and satisfaction. So, if you feel that 50,000 words in a month is too much for you, then cut it short.
  • Think of the topic as early as possible on which you are going to write and know what your non-fiction work will be about.
  • Gather related content and do whatever research you need to do before the challenge begins.
  • Plan how much time of the day you will allot to writing in order to meet the self-chosen target of word count.
  • Lastly, don’t be too harsh on yourself but at the same time don’t be too lenient as well. The more challenging the task, the more satisfied results you will attain at the end of the month.

In short, NaNonFiWriMo is a huge saviour because for good long years after NaNoWriMo came into being, nothing like this existed for people interested in writing non-fiction. So, ta-da! What are you waiting for? I am participating in the NaNonFiWriMo 2014 (woohoo) and I wish all the very best to other writers participating in both the fiction and the non-fiction writing challenges.




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