Anti-Bucketlist : Do you have one?

Bucketlist is a great way to remind yourself of the things that you want to do in life. The list differs from person to person, well of course! While for some people visiting a specific country may hold much importance, for others, it may be things like going on adventurous trips, learning a new dance form, attending a particular workshop  and so on.

The first time when I came to know what a Bucket-list is, I was pretty awed with the whole concept. It still kind of motivates me in an uncanny manner…constantly reminding me of the exciting things to look forward to in life. However, to live the life that I have imagined, I figured out that I had a lengthy list of things that I would never do and so gradually they started making their way into my ANTI-BUCKETLIST! 😀 Yes, having an anti-bucketlist is fun in itself. The best thing is that they can be easily followed because these are the tasks that you already want to avoid. So, next time if anybody asks you to accompany them in a Spanish bullrun against your wish, just be polite and say “sorry it’s in my anti-bucketlist” and move away. Is there any better way to say “no” that’s as painless as this? And why not? After all, there’s no compulsion to love what others love to do. It’s as simple as this.

Thus, here’s my anti-bucketlist that I started maintaining few days ago and it has been growing since then. Unlike a bucketlist in which you make a list of “only” tasks that you want to achieve, I have included in my anti-bucketlist, some traits too that I don’t want to acquire. [So it’s more of a mixture of tasks + traits = I dislike]. Some of the points may appear as if you are reading the diary of a chicken-hearted woman but then just accept the fact that everybody is different 😉

  • I will never do skydiving which is one of the most popular tasks that people have in their bucket-lists. Somehow, having height phobia, I fear that either I will faint or forget to open the parachute on time or a giant Pelican will swallow me down its neck (just imagining). So, in that case, I will also prefer avoiding all those adventures that include height as a major factor, though parasailing was a good experience.


  • I will never eat non-vegetarian food except for KFC’s tiny chicken popcorns and eggs once in a while, depending on my mood. I have been following this point maybe for 20-21 years and will continue this forever.
  • I will always avoid boarding a flight during monsoons, no matter what.
  • I will never take revenge or do wrong to any person on purpose because it’s just not my thing. I hate it to the core and I abhor people who indulge in it. I can’t understand why people waste their life plotting against the ones they are jealous of..urrm..lets skip to the next point, because I can write endlessly on this one.
  • I will never ride a water-scooter AGAIN in my life!! I have done this before and it is not at all my kind of “fun”. The way the water hits your face leaving it sore while you try to gasp for air with much difficulty is a complete no-no for me to experience again. Not to forget, those few scary seconds when your water-scooter literally bounces in the air from one wave to another. Gosh!


  • I will never lead a life that I am not proud of. Some people can sleep peacefully after having done wrong to others but I simply can’t! My conscience needs to be right for me to be happy and content with my life. After all, I would love my kids to know good things about me when they hear it from others; I guess that’s every parent’s wish too.
  • No intentions of joining politics. The more away from it, the better.
  • I will never own an aquarium. We already have one and it does add to the charm of our home. However, for a person like me, it will become a very difficult job to maintain one all alone. Hello! I can’t even take out a dead fish from my aquarium with the help of a net – my whole body shivers.
  • I will avoid running at any cost, be it with the bulls or in a marathon. I am not much of an athlete and my stamina gives up too. And even though it’s in my mind to win the race, my body just doesn’t allow!


  • I will never go back to being the naive and gullible person I used to be.

I am sure, this won’t be the end of my list. In fact, having both a bucketlist as well as an anti-bucketlist helps in understanding how you truly want to spend your life. There’s much clarity in what you want and what you don’t want and from there you are also able to discover the lifepath you want to lead. 🙂


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