You know you are a writer when…

  • You started scribbling as early as when you were a kid. Whether you remember what you wrote or whether you don’t, you are somehow able to recall that it felt like an achievement even at that age.
  • You don’t really fit into the mainstream. Through your growing years, although you did have plenty of friends, you had a doubt if somebody like you existed somewhere around.
  • You have forever loved stationery items. Yes, you heard it right; the pencil, the paper, the folder and the list continues.
  • You believe that one of the best quotes that you have ever come across is this:


  • You have always preferred writing down your experiences and thoughts and pondering over them than having one-on-one discussion with too many people.
  • Sometimes you write for yourself. Every writer has at least one piece of writing that he/she will never intend to disclose to anybody.
  • The middle or the last pages of your notebooks will often have rough drafts of your compositions.


  • Your mind is never at rest. It’s like you have many ideas appearing in flashes one after the other, sometimes not even allowing you to finish off the literary work that you’d started earlier.
  • You love to spend time alone…in peace… and let your mind and heart do the talking while you jot down their notes.
  • You have a hard time getting satisfied with your written content. You edit, edit and edit a lot to realize in the end that, you need to edit some more.
  • You derive a great sense of pleasure when you realize that the composition you had been working on for so long, is finally nearing its  completion.
  • You tend to doubt your writing skills a great deal while people around are more than sure that you are a born writer.

If you can relate yourself with the above points, all I have to say is that, never quit and keep on writing! Don’t nurture the fear of failure for too long because failures are temporary. Every writer has it but every great author overcame it. Believe that your words have enough spark to stir the world, so, when you know that the time is right—> JUST DO IT!



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