When photography grows into philosophy



I am not a photographer but I love taking pictures. I am awful at clicking selfies but I love being clicked!

Pictures help! They help you to realize that despite having occasional ups and downs in life, you have spent some amazing times as well. It’s very natural of people to remember things that went wrong rather than things that went right. It happens with me too and this is where photographs help.


On my way to Mussoorie!

Times change and so do people.  Some stay forever while others change for their own good. I realized this very early in life that it is hard to foresee what’s coming. Things I wished to see happening disappointed me whereas things that I never thought of happening turned out to be miraculous; life’s like this! And so I decided with each passing experience that whatever is to be done needs to be done in the present, neither in the past nor in the future. It was from this realization that, when I entered my teens, I developed a habit of capturing the good times of my life and for the times spent before that, my family did the deed.


Chit-chatting at Barista!

 It may sound whimsical to some but I carry my camera like people carry their cellphones. I take it with me to all the places and occasions possible. People find it funny at times but then the journey is mine and it’s completely fine if not every person is able to relate with it. They tell me there’s no need and I laugh it off and click their pictures, too.


A glimpse of my room!

Over the years, I have learnt to keep   pictures close to me at places where I can see them clearly. In my room you will find pictures everywhere; on the wall, on the door, on the table, in my diaries, besides the obvious of having bundles of photo albums, as well as pictures in my laptop. It’s good, you know, to wake up in the morning to the lovely pictures hanging in front of me. A perfect thing to start my day with! I have come to believe that by keeping good pictures around, it kind of produces happy hormones in the body. Wonderful memories come alive in an instant and if lucky enough you may even recall how pleasant the times were when they were captured. Many may not realize this but it acts like a feel-good therapy that surely works for me.

It is true that time is ephemeral and before we even realize this, it flies away in a flash. I cannot stop it; you cannot stop it. But the good thing is that we can capture beautiful moments, and years later when you look at them, you will be glad that you stopped time in those pictures that you will cherish for ever so long!



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