Weight a minute!

Have you ever noticed that life always keeps you busy with troubles of some sort or the other, leaving you wondering, “now where did this come from”! While major worries do take a toll on you, you just cannot underestimate the power of little ones. Let me tell you that I have been celebrating a lot of late, after spending a hell lot of time studying rigorously for the past six months to complete my Masters. I can still relive the happy feeling after having done with my last exam and since then I have been partying, hanging out with friends, watching movies, sleeping, reading and making the most of my free time.

Things were pretty fine but hey, don’t you know, life is a fairytale said no person ever! Suddenly my weight becomes a topic of discussion for people. For all those six months that I’d spent studying, I know! I know! I did not workout and gorged on food like anything. And oh, boy! How could I not realize this until now when even my family has  started telling me to lose a bit (for my own good, of course).

Yesterday was one of those days when I was not feeling urm…fine! It began right from the morning when I had to wake up after sleeping for barely 4 hours (my fault). Then, flaunting my puffy eyes, I helped around a bit by doing chores and had planned to spend my day perfectly by reading “Wuthering Heights” that had been on my list for so long. But do plans ever go the way you want them to? Hardly! And so while having breakfast when I was being told that I had put on weight, which is now clearly visible, I time travelled back to my high school years when I was a plump and chubby teenager. At that time, not only girls of my age were thin and skinny but even my very own 5 years older sister was in good shape. Oh! Not to forget that I had a shape too; a completely round shape! It used to be very embarrassing and to top that, people meeting us for the first time would ask me, “are you the elder one?” and I would stay mum and make a puppy face.

Urm..not exactly a puppy face!

Though somehow I had managed to shed my baby fat back then, I could not maintain it throughout. My weight keeps on fluctuating like stock market because: I AM IN LOVE WITH FOOD! So, coming to the present, I realized that indeed I had gained much pounds over the past few months and I felt that I cannot face the same kind of situation again. But the problem with me and many “healthy” people is that we just cannot begin exercising right away! That being said, it took me time to first process the thought that I am overweight, to believe ‘the processed thought’ that I am Overweight and then finally to sulk over the fact that I am OVERWEIGHT!!

So, I brooded over the discussion that had happened in the morning and tried to run away from the problem. Heading towards my room, I then threw myself on bed wishing to pour my heart out to my sister who was caught up with her office work and to my bestest friend who had gone underground for the past few days. Pitying myself, I started reading the novel as planned only to sense that I was having a terrible headache because of being sleep deprived. What to do now?

By noon I decided to take a quick nap for my sake!

 I must have slept for 20 minutes when my sister shook me up saying that I had to go out and receive a parcel. Being the good sister I am (giggle), I waited for the courier guy for full 5 minutes outside my home (under the scorching sun) because he was having difficulty finding our address. I received the package and opened it up. It was something that I had ordered for my dad but unfortunately the size did not fit him.

Ouch..Somebody just hug me!

Then in my already low mood, I went back to sleep as it seemed to be the best solution at that moment. While I managed to sleep for half an hour, another courier guy called. He had a package for us that he would be able to deliver at a place that was “only” 5 kms away from my home. Huh! Not again! I was already feeling irritated but had to rush to receive the parcel and also broke my slipper on my way back home.

On some days you just feel like this!

After crying like a kid inside my head, I decided to have lunch only to be reminded of the good effects of exercising by my family once again. I felt helpless and eventually ended up having more food than I intended to just to solace myself. By this time I felt all choked by my emotions.

Thanks to the typical “Cancerian” in me and I cried myself to sleep.

Gratefully, everybody in my house let me sleep peacefully for a couple of odd hours and on waking up I felt a bit better. To make things favourable, I applied the law of positive thinking, too. I watched feel-good videos on YouTube, browsed through my favourite website Pinterest and within minutes found myself inspired by the DIY craft ideas shown there. By the end of the day, I was upbeat and understood that my loved ones may be candid but they did let me know that I need to do something about my weight.

Obviously, running away from the problem was not a solution as my life, my thoughts, my weight and everything else is within my control. I am not aiming towards being skinny, but losing a few pounds from here and there would not hurt me much. I must make myself determined. That’s it! Lets see how it goes. Hope to update you on this new mission soon. Feeling motivated now!


4 thoughts on “Weight a minute!

  1. Wait a minute…Weight a minute….Wit a minute…feeling impressed by the wit used in your post! Loved it! Now expect me to peek into your pink diary more often!!


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