To the woman I have adored the most!


Audrey, I simptumblr_l341e1gZRA1qbilh4o1_500ly love you!

There are many pretty and good looking people all around the world and if you ask me, I happen to find almost everybody out there charming in some or the other way. However, is outward beauty the only thing that matters? Since time immemorial, it has been believed that blessed are the people born with gorgeous faces for they are treated in a much better way than the rest. Well, in my opinion, this adage may be true for an initial short period of time of meeting such people. Nonetheless, if the disposition of a person lacks honesty, mere outward beauty fails to hold importance in the long run. I have forever believed that it is the inner beauty that counts the most and shines throughout. No matter how wrinkled your face is or how pale your complexion, no matter whether you are a plump teenager or a white haired middle-aged person, if you have a heart of gold, people will treasure you for life. In fact, there is something about people with beautiful souls that instantly appeals to everyone they come in contact with. Take for example one of my favourite icons: Audrey Hepburn. Many considered her not very beautiful in the truest sense as she had big feet, big nose and too skinny a body. But the lady won all hearts with her pure soul and tender heart. A graceful ballet dancer, a fine actress with a fashion sense that broke all the conventional notions of beauty, she not only made it big in Hollywood but also carved a place in people’s hearts through her humanitarian works later in life. People were in love with her, people are in love with her and they will forever be in love with her! 

On a good note, enjoy listening to this song from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ performed by Audrey Hepburn 🙂


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