Through The Eyes Of An Introvert

87cf95a5454958e606e52304f3443d00Introverts are some of the most misunderstood people on this Earth. Just because we don’t speak our hearts out in front of everybody doesn’t mean that we don’t get hurt. We do get hurt, we do cry like most of you do but then we don’t feel the need to express our feelings in front of everyone else out there. There always comes a time when we detach ourselves from certain people. Not because we love giving “silent treatment” to others but because somewhere we are terribly hurt. This aloofness may remain for days, it may prolong for years or sometimes we may simply choose to let go of the person. Meanwhile we continue to enjoy life’s other pleasures. We party hard, we work like there’s no tomorrow and spend each day in the best possible way. Our loved ones always understand this contrary nature of ours (sad now and happy the next minute) while the rest of the others waste their time spreading utter nonsense about us… (another random thought) 😉

So far life has been pretty awesome with such experiences for it has taught me to let go of those who shouldn’t matter at all. After all, life is short and it is always better to surround yourself with positive people.


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