Why Do Women Dress Up?

A6EPPG Young Woman Looking in Wardrobe Model ReleasedI was browsing through some websites today, when I came across this question asked by a guy: “Why do women dress up even though they are married or in a relationship?” I was amused at the guy’s query. It has always been a great concern of men to know why their women still dress up in Jimmy Choo shoes and Chanel outfits. An effort to clear all their doubts, here I am writing about why women love dressing up.

An all time notion has been that women dress up to impress every other man. Sorry guys but that’s not true! Being women, it is always our habit to organize an outfit, shoes and bags a day or days before any event. Even on casual days, you will most probably find us properly dressed up with good hair dos, nice nail paints and perfectly matched accessories.

Yes, we take a hell of time to get ready and can do hours and hours of shopping but we feel that’s worth it. At the end of the day, we just want to look good. We aspire to put ourselves in comfortable clothes yet at the same time wish to maintain our style too. Dressing up appropriately not only gives us confidence but is also a great way to embrace our inner fashionista. We are more than happy when we are at our best. This is completely a woman thing and many men will have hard time understanding this.

Another possible reason behind dressing up is other women. Yeah! Women dress up for other women. Let’s face the fact that a guy will hardly be able to notice that his girlfriend recently had a manicure, or is carrying a trendy bag. On the contrary, it is so common among women to notice what other women are wearing. That’s a tendency women are born with. Try to eavesdrop on a group of girls. Often in between their girls talk you will hear the words “fashion”, ”clothes” or simply hear them complimenting each others’ styles. However, have you ever noticed green-eyed women? They take the world as a ramp walk and dress up each day to steal the limelight and make other women jealous. Gosh! Different women, different reasons!

Thus, there won’t be any woman who will deny that she loves shopping. Dressing up to the occasion is something that every woman delights in. In between, if her husband or her boyfriend compliments on her fashion sense, then that’s the best thing any woman can ask for. After all, she also dresses up to impress not other men but the only man in her life. 🙂


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