21st Dec is almost here and it’s no surprise that once again the so called ‘doomsday’ is hovering over everybody’s mind. Suddenly the Gujarat polls too have become the hot topic. What seemed an important issue a day or two ago is gradually taking a back seat and I am afraid that it will soon be forgotten. When I learnt about the Delhi bus gang rape a few days ago, my heart totally sank. Maybe today we are privileged to be safe but a mere thought that ‘it could have been any one of us’ is really scary. I still remember, last year at around this time, I was travelling to Delhi alone for the first time. As soon as I reached the station, within a span of 15 mins I found myself being eve teased. Although it was day time and I was at a safe place, I did see a glimpse of what my parents always warn me about. Same was the case when I went to Mumbai. No matter if u wear burka or shorts, no matter if you are beautiful or average looking, no matter if you are young or old, the thing is, being a woman there’s hardly any way of escaping these experiences. In fact, I can guarantee you that more than 90% of women must have been molested at some or the other point in life. Only that, some speak up. Some Don’t. No matter how much a girl is familiar with a place she still has to welcome each day as if everything is stranger to her. She finds it hard to trust anyone. Who knows when she might encounter a rapist or a criminal?

Some people thought, ‘It didn’t happen to my family. So why bother?’. Some said, ‘the girl must have been wearing an inappropriate outfit, and, by the way, who told her to go out at night’. Then there were some idiots who expressed their views by saying, ‘The culprits did wrong. Unke ghar mei maa beheno k sath bhi aisa hona chahiye tab pata chalega’. Such mentalities make me sick. People surely do speak nonsense at times and that’s enough to piss off anybody who can empathize with the victims.

I feel helpless and frustrated. May be people have forgotten that women are humans too and not objects to be used and thrown. This is not the first time we have seen a casual attitude towards such incidents and sadly this is not going to be the last one either. Why isn’t any strict action taken in such cases still remains a question. For how long will women live in fear? There are millions of such incidents happening everyday and getting buried in this self-obsessed world. Justice may be denied. Justice may be granted. But there’s no one who can actually compensate for what her family has lost.

Who cares about the world ending tomorrow, for I know that humanity has already ended. PERIOD.



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